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Adam L. Kern - The Penguin Book of Haiku

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Adam L. Kern - The Penguin Book of Haiku
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Adam L. Kern - The Penguin Book of Haiku (Penguin Classics, 2018)

"A Japanese poetry form that flourished from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, haiku are defined by their brevity: they are usually only three lines long and a total of seventeen syllables. Most famously, they use natural imagery to make Zen-like observations about reality. However, as this anthology reveals, there’s much more to haiku than cherry blossoms and waning moons: the verse included here is frequently erotic, funny, rude, and mischievous. Adam Kern has travelled throughout Japan to gather the best and most important examples of the genre, and his vivid and engaging translations form the basis of thePenguin Bookof Haiku." penguin

PDF+EPUB | English | 321 pages | 28 MB both files | source-torrent


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