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Emily Prokop - The Story Behind

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Emily Prokop - The Story Behind
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Emily Prokop  - The Story Behind - The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects (Mango publishing, 2018)

"Learn the fascinating history and trivia you never knew about things we use daily from the host of The Story Behind podcast.
Everyday objects and major events in history: Every single thing that surrounds us has a story behind it. Many of us learn the history of humans and the major inventions that shaped our world. But what you may not have learned is the history of objects we surround ourselves with every day. You might not even know how the major events in history (World Wars, ancient civilizations, revolutions, etc.) influenced the inventions of things we use today.
The history and science behind the ordinary: From the creator of The Story Behind podcast comes this revelatory new book. The Story Behind will give insight into everyday objects we don’t think much about when we use them. Topics covered in the podcast will be examined in more detail along with many new fascinating topics. Learn how lollipops got started in Ancient Egypt, how podcasts were invented, and why Comic Sans was created. Learn the torture device origins of certain exercise equipment and the espionage beginnings of certain musical instruments. Ordinary things from science to art, food to sports, customs to fashion, and more are explored."

PDF+EPUB | English | 120 pages | 9,4 MB in total | source-torrent


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