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FenoPhoto 3.2.1 Portable

Lots of users are not that much into altering their photos since they consider the entire operation a fraud. Nevertheless, even they might understand the need for subtle adjustments to an image's shadows, contrast, brightness, saturation, etc., in which case a software utility such as FenoPhoto comes to their rescue.

Photo editor boasting support for batch processing

Being designed as an overall simplistic application, FenoPhoto is easy not only to install but also to work with. The program sports an approachable user interface that reveals a basic set of tools you can resort to in order to edit your pictures, with previewing options being provided as well.

All the program's features are bundled in the main window, making all the operations you may want to carry out transparent. You first need to select the image you want to apply modifications to, with file formats such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, and PNG being supported. However, users may also want to know that batch processing is possible provided that you indicate the folder you want to work with.

Lets you apply manual and automatic changes

But assuming you have selected one single photo, once you do that, a preview is shown so that you can be in full control of the changes you apply to it. And since we have touched upon the subject, we should also mention that both automatic and manual modifications can be employed.

Regarding the format, you can check or uncheck a series of options letting you equalize shadows, remove noise and red eye, or enhance sharpness. As for the available manual adjustments, you can explore various values for the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of the image, with the results being visible in real time.

If, however, you change your mind and want to remove all the changes, that is possible by resorting to the dedicated button in the bottom-left corner. When you are done, you simply need to save your image, with the input file format being preserved.

Aimed mainly at novices

All in all, FenoPhoto is a simplistic photo editor that should cater to the needs of novices, especially users who don't want to waste a lot of time performing basic editing operations with complex and resource-demanding image processing tools.

While it was responsive during our tests and the way its feature set is organized makes it a user-friendly tool, the fact remains there are not that many options as regards the types of alterations you can try your hand at, which makes it rather difficult for the product to stand out from the crowd.



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