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Digital Juice Sound FX Library IV

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Digital Juice Sound FX Library IV
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Digital Juice Sound FX Library IV | 34.4 GB

New sounds, lighter, better than ever. Believe what you hear with SoundFX IV! More than 11000 HD quality sounds in 113 Categories! They say seeing is believing, but that is not always true! Without sound, your video would not be the same. You need to grab the attention of your audience with a big 'bang', 'whoosh' or 'pop', add the ambiance and musical beds to make them believe what they are seeing.

It's not only video, animation, and visual effects that sell your message. These have to be reinforced or sold with compelling sound. Seeing an explosion without hearing the blast, or watching a horror movie without hearing the fingernails screeching across the glass would give you only half the illusion and half the impact.
With SoundFX IV you will have the right (and left) sound effects, music elements and phrases for your HD productions. Designed around the needs of the video editor, SFX IV has more of the sounds audio and video professionals want, at a quality that exceeds the demand. Each sound in the collection is delivered as an astounding 24-bit/96kHz file in a lossless WAV format (HD Audio). If you thought sound effects couldn't get any better, you have to hear SoundFX IV.
All Digital Juice Sound FX Libraries are designed to give audio and video professionals the tools they need to enhance, exaggerate and create a completely immersive audio soundscape for any production.


General FX: Ambiences (142), Animals (23), Construction (22), Creatures (150), Doors (190), Explosions (26), Foley (191), Foley Crashes (243), Foley Footsteps (151), Foley Movements (315), Horror (71), Household (42), Industrial (22), Insects (9), Liquids (52), Technology (32), Traffic (53), Transportation (157), Underwater (53), Weapons (21), Weather (41)

Human FX: American Politics Female (272), American Politics Male (272), Business Female (104), Business Male (104), Commercial Female (122), Commercial Male (122), Education Female (158), Education Male (158), General Female (112), General Male (112), Government Female (282), Government Male (282), Health Female (450), Health Male (450), Internet Female (184), Internet Male (184), Military Doctrinal Female (104), Military Doctrinal Male (104), Military Female (238), Military Male (238), Phone Services Female (76), Phone Services Male (76), Voice Commands Female (74), Voice Commands Male (74), Worship Female (276), Worship Male (276)

Musical FX: General (415), Logos (302), Textures (315)

Noise FX: Alarms (20), Ascends (100), Beds (24), Beeps (20), Bells (20), Blasts (20), Blurps (20), Choppers (100), Data (20), Delays (20), Descends (100), Digital (35), Distortion (50), Drones (300), Electrical (20), Evolvers (100), FeedBack (15), Flanges (20), FlyBy (30), Glitches (65), Hits (20), Impacts (20), Lasers (20), Logo Elements (20), Melodious (25), Metallics (20), Multimedia (100), Power (20), Pulses (20), Rumbles (20), Science Fiction (350), Scrapes (20), Shimmers (20), Sound Designs (1194), Stabs (20), Static (20), Stingers (30), Stutters (20), Sweepers (85), Swells (75), Tinkly (20), Tones (20), Vocalizations (15), Warbles (25), Washes (20), Whooshes (40)

Format: WAV/ISO


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