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FreeLancer iso with crack

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Open-Ended Universe

Play missions randomly or follow the storyline. The universe is open for exploration, and the game evolves based on the decisions you make. Demolish pirate bases or supply depots and watch the political fallout. Lane Hackers go after cargo vessels if you disable trade lanes. Support your local cop...or not. The choice is yours but the universe won't wait for you. One of the most distinctive features of Freelancer is its control scheme. Perhaps in order to appeal to a broader audience than die-hard simulation fans, the game eschews the use of a joystick altogether and instead offers a simplified mouse-and-keyboard interface. While other space sims have allowed the use of a mouse to emulate a joystick's functions, mouse control in such games was generally a poor alternative. Freelancer, on the other hand, was designed with the limitations and advantages of that input device in mind, and as a result its mouse control works efficiently and actually enhances the gameplay. Freelancer consistently straddles the line between an arcade-style action game and a more hard-core space simulation. There are dozens of outposts, planetary bases, and vessels littered throughout the galaxy, and each one will offer you the opportunity to trade in a variety of goods and equipment or undertake randomly generated missions on behalf of represented factions. Those missions lack variety or depth and generally involve traveling to a nearby location and exterminating a handful of vessels in exchange for some cash.
The campaign missions are also far more complicated, and difficult, than the randomly generated faction missions. Each mission is divided into several discrete objectives, usually involving multiple treks across systems and several different confrontations.

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