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Grand Theft Auto V Signature Series Guide

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Grand Theft Auto V Signature Series Guide
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Title    : Grand Theft Auto V Signature Series Guide
Author(s): Tim Bogenn & Rick Barba
Date     : 2013-09-17
Pages    : 432
Format   : pdf
OCR      : 
Language : English
Quality  :
ISBN10   : 0744014670
ISBN13   : 9780744014679

The Official Grand Theft Auto V Signature Series Strategy Guide from BradyGames details every square mile of Los Santos and Blaine County  essential for a map that's bigger and better than ever.

 Welcome to Los Santos and Blaine County

 Main Story & Mission Maps - We guide you through every mission, including the planning and execution of all of the major heists. Know exactly when to jump in and out of the lives of each of the three main characters and which weapons, tactics, and routes are most effective. Dive deeper into the story with tips for each mission and insight on every twist and turn  know when choices with consequences must be made, and achieve a Gold Medal every time.

 Collectibles - We have explored every square mile of land and sea of this immense world to locate and complete all ambient activities. Maps and detailed descriptions for all Aerial Challenges, Stunt Jumps, Spaceship Parts, Submarine Pieces, Hidden Packages, and more.

 Hobbies & Pastimes - There are all kinds of jobs and ambient activities to try, and each has specific things that you need to know to succeed. Hunting, Races, Arms Trafficking, Flight School, Property Management, Parachuting, Golf, Bail Bonds, Assassination Missions, Yoga, and more-we've got you covered.

 Vehicle Showroom - A fleet of sports cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, aircraft, and countless varieties of vehicles big and small are yours for the taking. We feature them all, including stats and customization options.

 100% Completion - There's a lot to do in the greater Los Santos area. A lot. We keep track of it all so you don't miss a thing. Each colorful character you'll need to meet, the activities you must complete, and everything to achieve 100% completion.


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